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Lexington Barbecue, Lexington, NC

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

10 US Highway 29 70 S Lexington, NC 27295 (336) 249-9814

I pulled into the Lexington Barbecue lot around 7:00PM on a Saturday. I luckily found a spot around the back near the oak and hickory wood-piles. They had just delivered a load of oak and hickory slats, so the piles were stacked to the max. Around the front entrance, I got a spot in line. Since I was by myself, I did not want to take up a whole table, so I waited for a spot at the counter. Wayne Monk took my order. I selected the sliced pork platter. The platter comes with a generous helping of sliced pork, a boat of coleslaw and hushpuppies. I also added a sweet tea with lemon. My Q platter came on a paper plate. The pork was masterfully cooked, it was incredibly tender and juicy and it was perfectly sauced. It is the best North Carolina (Lexington Style) Q I have ever had. But wait! There is still more! My coleslaw was also excellent! It was a mix of green and white cabbage in a sauce that gave it a red look to it. The sauce on the slaw is a sweet and sour one with vinegar and spices. It too was superb. And you can’t have a pork platter without the hushpuppies. The hushpuppies had an excellent light fried taste to them. They also taste great dipped into the sauce. About halfway through my incredible meal, Wayne Monk cut me three big chunks of pork in a paper boat (the same paper boat used for the coleslaw). Wayne said, "This is what I usually eat". Those chunks were incredible! Again, just like the pork on my platter, the chunks were very tender and juicy. They were masterfully cooked and they were perfectly sauced.This was some mighty fine pork. I was now very happily stuffed. Wayne then offered me a choice of homemade peach or apple cobbler...there is always room for cobbler. WOW!!! My peach cobbler was amazing! The fresh peaches and the perfectly cooked and sweetened cobbler crust just melted in my mouth. This was the best peach cobbler I have ever had! And I’ve had some cobbler.

Note: Their baked beans are also excellent (I tried them on a previous visit). Lexington Barbecue uses only pork shoulders. They are cooked about 9 hours over hickory and oak coals. They salt the meat before cooking, but they do not baste.

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