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Mr. Barbecue, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

1381 Peters Creek Pkwy Winston Salem, NC 27103 (336) 725-7827

Before the 1970's gas shortage, Mr. Barbecue's outdoor sign once had a gas lit live flame burning were the neon flame is today. Mr. BBQ smokes their pork shoulders over hickory wood. I ordered their sliced Q sandwich with slaw, sweet tea, a side of baked beans and hushpuppies. The slaw consisted of mostly white cabbage with some green cabbage pieces. My sliced Q sandwich with slaw was excellent! But, their sweet and spicy sauce was and is truly outstanding! Their super sauce is tomato and vinegar based. The lightly fried shrimp-shaped puppies are also great for soaking up every last drop of that amazing sauce. My baked beans were also very good, but they had a strong green pepper flavor to them. I have never been a big fan of green peppers. My nicely sweetened tea had a great brewed flavor to it and it was available in a sometimes rare jumbo size. This 1964 Mr. Barbecue location #1 is definitely worth a stop for any Q lover.  Tell them that sent yah! Enjoy!

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