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Nau's Enfield Drug, Austin, Texas

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

1115 West Lynn Street

Austin, TX  

(512) 476-1221

The University of Texas keeps this capitol city young, hip and vibrant with it's 50,000+ students. Yes, there are plenty of trendy things to see, eat and do and that is great, but the history buff in me and no longer in my 20's I prefer things a bit more old school and not as noisy. First stop is the massive state capitol building (it's also the number #1 with most of the travel sites) and it's really an amazing place inside and no to be missed. Second stop is the 1886 Driskill Hotel. CSA Col. Jesse Driskill who built the hotel, was a cattle baron and supplier of beef for the Confederate soldiers during the War of Northern Aggression. (1). The architecture and atmosphere of the hotel is worth seeing and it's free to look around. And because it's here, Nau's Enfield Drug & soda fountain circa 1951. I had an outstanding vanilla shake and very good grilled-cheese with a pickle spear. And as I found out, the booths are 1950's era so they are not made for big people. As the long-tailed grackle flies or struts, its a strait shot from the Texas State Capitol building to Nau's on west 12th street. Enjoy Austin!

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