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Parkers BBQ, Wilson, NC

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

2514 US Highway 301 S Wilson, NC 27893

The weather today in Wilson North Carolina will be normal. Wilson will see showers of sweet tea this morning followed by a few lemon wedges. Then later this evening we will have a cole- slaw front move in followed by a sauce storm that should baste most of the town and will end around midnight. Hushpuppy warnings are still in effect until 7AM. Remember if you are caught in an overflowing sauce stream, turn around and don’t drown. At Parker’s, everyday is a BBQ day. In the Wilson area they are king of the Q. So make haste, Wilson’s best Q house awaits. When you first arrive you will be greeted by a line of servers clad in white shirts, white aprons, and each with a paper Parker’s hat. They will quickly get you seated. I ordered the sweet tea. They brought over a pitcher. I love when they do that. I then ordered a BBQ sandwich with slaw. Parker’s servers seat you, take your order, deliver your order, bus your table, and are always checking to see if you need anything. The service here is excellent. My Q sandwich arrived with yellowish green slaw atop the Q accompanied by hushpuppies. My sweet tea was excellent. Parker’s brews some of the best sweet tea in North Carolina. My BBQ sandwich with slaw was superb and the puppies were also very good. Parker’s has been in Wilson North Carolina since 1946.

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