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Snappy Lunch, Mount Airy, NC

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

125 North Main Street Mount Airy, NC 27030

Phone: 336-785-4931 Hours of operation: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (5:45 – 1:45) / Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (5:45 – 1:15)

Yes, I know that the pork chop sandwich is the reason most people stop here to eat. I also realize that the pork chop sandwich is an amazing southern culinary treat. I ate the famous pork chop sandwich on a previous visit and I agree that it is a truly amazing sandwich, but amazing as the sandwich is, their hotdogs are also quite special. The Snappy Lunch’s grill is right at the front window. It was full of pork chops the day I was there. The hotdogs are steamed, as are the buns. My dogs had mustard, onions, a chili and relish concoction and coleslaw that was white and green with specks of carrots. My slaw-dogs were excellent!!! The coleslaw topping was the best I have ever tasted, it gave my hotdogs an impressive sweet taste. These slaw-dogs are two of the best I have ever had! Thanks Charles! (Dowell). There are often long lines near closing time so get there early if you can. Open since 1923!


New Summer 2020 Photos!

New Summer 2020 Photos!

New Summer 2020 Photos!

New Summer 2020 Photos!

Above photos probably from about 2009 or earlier.

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