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Station 2, Richmond, Virginia

2016 E Main St

Richmond, VA 23223

(804) 249-4702

Open Daily 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM (Next day)

Station 2 (Burger/Fire/Brew) is located in a newly renovated 1899 firehouse on East Main Street in Richmond's Shockoe Bottom. I got the "Classic" Station Burger topped with two strips of crispy bacon, lettuce, a thick tomato slice, pickle, a thick red onion and pepperjack cheese. My wonderfully juicy, char-grilled "Classic Burger" was cooked to perfection with some pink in the middle. For Covid-19 safety, mustard, ketchup and mayo came in packets. Also had a Coke and a great side of fries. The beef is locally sourced from Buffalo Creek Farms in Lexington, Virginia. Buffalo Creek is a fifth-generation family-owned farm. Their grass-fed beef cows are bred from Angus & Wagyu bulls. The service here is also excellent. Enjoy these awesome burgers!

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1 comentário

17 de mai. de 2021

Love the look of this place. The photo of the burger is so sharp and perfect, it looks like it was done in a studio at an Ad Agency. But it's yours, right? Great photos, as always. Are you using a new camera, or some new technique? The photos look better than ever -- which is saying something! Great work, CO. -- Your Fan

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