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Tarheel Q, Lexington, North Carolina

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

6835 W Us-64, Lexington, NC 27295  

(336) 787-4550

Just West of North Carolina's Q City (Lexington) near the Yadkin River, on a Highway 64 roadside you will find Tarheel Barbeque. The Tarheel cooks their pork shoulders over mostly split Hickory with some Red & White Oak mixed in. I ordered the sliced Q sandwich with a side of white slaw. If you prefer, they also have the red slaw. My sweet, pepper and carrot speckled, white slaw was excellent. My very tender pre-sauced sliced Q sandwich was equally excellent. You won't find their Q sauce out on any of the tables. Their sauce is kept constantly heated in a coffee pot right beside the coffee near the front entrance area. If you need some extra just ask. The brownish/orange, vinegar and spice based sauce compliments the sliced Q nicely. Enjoy this excellent Q!

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