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The Original Q Shack, Durham, North Carolina

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

2510 University Dr Durham, NC 27707 (919) 402-4227

The Original Q Shack (Opened February of 2003) slow smokes their Boston Butts in-house with a mix of hickory and mesquite woods overnight for 11 to 13 hours. I had a very good pulled pork sandwich topped with slaw, a side of baked beans and some good hushpuppies. I chose their "My Sauce" which is a tomato based, sweet, tangy, chipotle flavored sauce. Their sauce is very good and it makes your pulled pork and puppies even better. Although the baked beans were good, they were hot! (Jalapenos) I am not saying that you shouldn't try them I just prefer Southern sweet molasses over Jalapenos.

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