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Goolrick's Pharmacy & Soda Fountain, Fredericksburg, VA

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

901 Caroline St. Fredericksburg, VA 22401  Pharmacy phone: (540)373-3411    Fountain phone: (540)373-9878

Goolrick’s Pharmacy has been in operation since 1863. It is still a working pharmacy today, but the masses come for the soda fountain. The fountain was installed in 1912 and it’s the oldest continuously run fountain in the United States. The soda fountain/lunch counter serves an array of sandwich favorites such as chicken salad, tuna salad, egg salad, BL&T’s, PB&J’s, and grilled cheese. I had an excellent grilled cheese with chips. But, as tasty as any of the sandwiches may be, the reason to visit Goolrick’s is for their milkshakes and the fresh squeezed lemonade. Lemon halves are squeezed the old fashioned way with a hand-pulled mechanical lever. As with real lemonade the sugar and lemon tend to settle at the bottom of the cup, so don’t judge its overall taste by your first sip, especially if you are not using a straw. My lemonade was outstanding! This is one of the best freshly squeezed lemonades I have ever tasted. For last, but certainly not least, we come to my ever-favorite vanilla milkshake. Very few milkshakes ascend to the level of Best in the American Realm. Of the hundreds I have tried over the years only two have achieved such a level as to be included into the "Realm." Now another will join their ranks. Inside my stainless steel mixer cup was a shake of perfect consistency and outstandingly rich vanilla taste. Enjoy the newest member to the Best Milkshakes of the American Realm. Well done, Goolrick’s!

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