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Smiley's Ice Cream, Mount Crawford, Virginia

Just off I-81 (south of Harrisonburg) You will find (with a tad bit of help from your Garmin) the Mount Crawford Creamery. This family owned/operated dairy farm (Holsteins & Jersey Cows)

processes and sells; whole milk, 2%, skim, buttermilk, butter, eggnog, whole chocolate milk and heavy cream. Smiley's, (located about 5-F150's away from the creamery's front door) uses the creamery's fresh milk and heavy cream to make their premium ice cream. So, from cow to cone it doesn't get any fresher. The flavor of the day? week? was peach. The strawberry and peach ice creams are only available when the fruit is in season and they are both locally sourced. My two cupped peach scoops were very good and my traveler vanilla shake was amazing! Enjoy the cows and the cream!

797 Old Bridgewater Rd.

Mt. Crawford,  VA  22841

(540) 271-2805

Monday-Saturday: 11a-9p
Sunday: 2p-9p

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